Episode 043: Being a Hacker of Leadership with @Joe_Sanfelippo

In this episode, Keven has a conversation with Dr. Joe Sanfelippo (@Joe_Sanfelippo) about leadership and the importance of celebrating success.  Joe is a superintendent at the Fall Creek School District in Fall Creek, WI (#GoCrickets).  Joe is an award-winning school leader, author, speaker, and all-around great guy.  To learn more about Joe and all of the great things he is associated with visit his site: http://www.jsanfelippo.com/ and follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Joe_Sanfelippo

Episode 042: Keeping Your Eyes Open with @DailySTEM

In this episode, Keven has a conversation with Math Teacher, Chris Woods from Michigan.  Chris has been a math teacher for over twenty years, is the host of the STEM Every Day Podcast and runs www.dailystem.com.  Chris is an advocate for finding STEM in all the things we do on a daily basis and recently published the book, Daily STEM (available on Amazon here).

Episode 038: Bring it Together with Educational Duct Tape featuring @JakeMillerTech

In this episode, Keven discusses Educational Duct Tape with Jake Miller including educational technology and backward design. Keven and Jake met up at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Be sure to visit Jake’s website to see his blog posts and listen to the Educational Duct Tape Podcast at https://jakemiller.net/

Episode 034: It’s Time to Get MAGICAL with @tishrich

In this episode, Keven discusses making learning magical for students with educator and author Tisha Richmond.  An episode a long time in the making, Keven and Tisha look into a variety of topics that give teachers the opportunity to become better educators professionally while increasing the impact of their classroom on students.

Grab a copy of “Make Learning MAGICAL” on Amazon here.

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Obvious to you, amazing to others video by Derek Sivers.

Hop on over to Tisha’s website here.

Keven and Tisha at the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida.
January 2019