3DU: A Guide to 3D Printing in Every Classroom Available Now!

It has been a while since I have posted and a major reason is that I have been working on a book. 3DU: A Guide to 3D Printing in Every Classroom has been published by the Wired Educator and is available now on Amazon!

Did your school purchase a 3D printer for teachers to use? Did someone donate one to your classroom and you are not sure how you will use it with your students? Check out 3DU: A Guide to 3D Printing in Every Classroom. This book is full of project ideas and lessons that will help any teacher, in any grade level, and in any content area, learn how they can use this technology with their students.

Starting with the basics of vocabulary and how the printer functions, readers will then embark on a journey that features projects and lessons that dive deeper with their students and make a cultural shift from consumption to creation. This book will give students the opportunity to get hands-on with their learning and make objects that demonstrate their understanding of classroom content through creative means.

3DU is for you if…

  • You are a teacher eager to engage students with your content.
  • You want students to design, create, and find solutions.
  • You are an administrator leading instructional change toward a 21st-century learning environment.
  • You want to create opportunities of hope, fun, and fulfillment for students.

A Wired Educator Book
Published by Wired Educator Consulting, Inc.