Episode 013: The Future Looks Bright with Tom Murray from Future Ready Schools

In this episode, Keven discusses educational technology, the importance of effective pedagogy, and the impact of positive culture with Tom Murray.

Tom is the Director of Innovation at Future Ready Schools, a non-profit based in Washington D.C.

Visit Future Ready Schools online: www.futureready.org

Visit Tom’s website: www.thomascmurray.com/

Purchase one of the books Tom has worked on at: www.thomascmurray.com/books/

Episode 011: Creating a Startup Culture in Your School with Becky Shiring


In this episode, Keven discusses the concept of creating a startup culture in your school with Becky Shiring from Squirrels. Becky is the Director of Professional Development & Continued Learning at Squirrels LLC in Ohio.

Visit Squirrels on the web!

Becky’s article: “Why Startup Culture is Coming to a Classroom Near You” on EdTech Digest

Startup Culture Infographic